Salad (Sal-uh d): a verb meaning to enhance your body & mind & your bottom line.

Feel Good Guru is on a delicious mission to revolutionize your everyday office lunch. We believe in feeling good all day long at work or at play and there’s no better way to keep the team energized than by serving up the healthiest custom organic vegan salad bar with your catered hot meal.**

**Things are very different now. We won’t be catering en masse for a long time. Hit us up for delivery to stay healthy at home!

I’ve been in the business of making people feel good since I opened Banff, Alberta’s first vegetarian restaurant in 1994. It was early days, pre-instagram, pre-everything vegan and the purpose was high. My passion for plant-powered food stems from deep personal belief that food is medicine and health is everything. I spent the early 2000’s in Venice Beach, CA cooking for happy freaks at garden parties and writing cookbooks. In 2012, I opened Feel Good Guru on Queen West serving organic, mostly raw plant-powered food. In 2016 we moved from our Queen West location to a larger kitchen at Queen & Bathurst and after busting out of that kitchen mid 2019, we built a big beautiful production kitchen from scratch at 8 Waterloo Terrace where we create healthy delicious food for #luckyofficemates and other health-conscious humans of Toronto.

Some very kind words from a few of our clients:

“Feel Good Guru has provided the most delicious food to our offices for the past two years. They have consistently brought us amazing, healthy, and satisfying options that are always the highlight of our lunchtime! The best part about Feed Good Guru is their ability to provide immense variety. We have a salad bar full of unique options four days a week, and the theme always perfectly matches the rest of the food being offered that day. FGG is far and away our best lunch vendor!” Tori Smith, Front of House Lead, Shopify

“Feel Good Guru has been a fantastic partner to Top Hat providing delicious and organic options for our employees to enjoy during our lunch service. Moira and team have been fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend working with them.” Jesper Bendtsen, Chief People Officer, Top Hat

“I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been eating your food at the office now for six months and I see it in my body and feel it in my mind. Thank you!” Chris, #luckyofficemates at Shopify

“Moira and the rest of the Feel Good Guru team saved my life. While working in Toronto I find myself crushed for time and usually unable to feed myself anything but take out that was starting to really take a toll on my energy levels and overall health. Moira changed all of that. All of a sudden I had bi weekly deliveries of some of the freshest and, most importantly, delicious food that kept me feeling strong, healthy and ready for whatever came next. So grateful for Moira and everything she does.” Patrick J. Adams

Please check our instagram #luckyofficemates and #fggcatering for photos of our offerings.

The health of your business is my business.

Moira Nordholt

Corporate catering in Toronto